If we treat general emptiness or pain as a sign that what we are doing is not right for us or beneficial to what our purpose in life is, then this pain gains a new meaning. It is a warning that we are doing something wrong in our lives rather than an unexplainable burden. This is actually a good thing for without it we would have no guidance. The problem is that instead of recognising this, we look for an escape. An escape from this reality that hurts so much. We try to smother the pain. For example in drinking, in drugs, in compulsive buying, in luxury, in people etc. Basically in anything that will distract us from that feeling of emptiness. Since the escape will last only for a certain amount of time and will never be permanent, we become even more hopeless and the damage to our hearts becomes greater. Not only are we astray to begin with, we then stamp and walk over our hearts by filling them with everything that does not belong there. And when you fill something with a substance that it was not meant to be filled with, it breaks. Hence our lost generation with broken hearts.