I found myself trying to answer the question ‘what inspires you?’. I find this to be an interesting topic as it is from that moment of inspiration that our ideas and hopes are born. What is it that sparks this? What is that moment of understanding?

I have concluded that it is a glimpse at a future possibility that we believe we are capable of achieving. It’s like diving into an eternal current for just a few seconds and then bringing that vision of what we saw back to the surface. Seeing that possibility and believing that we are capable of achieving it. What triggers this inspiration can vary, but that glimpse can cause us to see a different outcome of the future than what we previously believed.

This again brings me back to my idea of balance between inner and outer life. If we look at the moment of inspiration as something internal, by acting on it we are once again simply manifesting externally what is on the inside. The beginning of any decision or any hope is always internal. This in a way is an easy part as it does not require any physical effort. Therefore it is easy to become trapped in the illusion that we are making progress simply because we have a lot of ideas. Although they may be very constructive ideas, unless we actually bring them out into the world they will remain as only ideas. So it is up to us to act on the possibilities that are presented; analyse, understand, expand and finally make a plan to bring them to life.

This is when we switch from our inner world into the outer one, which can also be seen as switching from one meaning of brilliance to the other. Now a concrete plan has to be made, with goals and objectives. One step at at time, one goal at a time, and finally what was once a moment of inspiration will be made manifest in our lives.

It is also of importance to be able to stay close to the sources that cause this inspiration. If we are surrounded by toxic people/living environment or general situations, it will be very difficult to have these thoughts of possibilities. Consequently, without the initial idea, there will be no new plans to work towards and without these there will be no changes or new direction in life. Recognising which people/environments cause us to have more or less constructive thoughts is fundamental if we really desire to make progress. Staying in a toxic situation can make our creative process so much more difficult.

This is why I continue to believe in the balance found in the correlation of the inner and outer part of life. The direction life will take should be a direct consequence of who we are; we will be able to manifest the light inside of us through its projection onto our everyday lives and future hopes.

I am confident that this will lead to a more fulfilling life as it does not just focus on internal feelings, but also encompasses the ‘real’ part of life, what we see and do. Being true to myself can only lead to being more at peace internally whilst achieving results externally.