In a world filled with deceptions, I believe one of the worst types is to think that the future is somehow empty, that what has happened is better than what is to come. There is always a choice about what you believe and what you see in your life. You can always leave, you can always make the future better.

Never confuse being tired of a situation with being tired of life itself. Life can present itself in so many forms and can be so drastically different than what it is now. Don’t reduce it to all that you see in a certain situation, maybe that is simply not what life is supposed to be like.

Unawareness of having a choice over your own life leads to feeling stuck. Without seeing that there is another way or another possible ending, it becomes very difficult to feel good about ourselves and make plans for the future. I do believe that a lot of things happen for a reason; this could be for us to learn, grow or simply to gain a broader understanding of life and the people it contains. The ending however is not written. Just because something happens for a reason does not guarantee that we will learn the lesson it contains. That is up to us. We might encounter unpleasant situations or people, and they might turn out to be our best lessons, but if we do not leave in time they can destroy us. The ability to recognise the lesson each situation contains, learn it and move on is an incredible life skill. Staying in a situation without learning the lesson, or even learning the lesson but failing to move on afterwards, can make the ending a lot less constructive than it could have been.

Even if there is however a choice, it is a constant race against time. The longer we wait to make that choice, the less time we have to fulfil it. The more time we spend in a state of unawareness, the less time we have to act on the knowledge learnt. The longer we spend on one life lesson can leave a lot less time for further lessons that are as beneficial.

From this observation comes the importance of awareness, direction, organisation and planning. Once the direction you want to proceed in is decided, it is then necessary to take on the ultimate battle: against time. That is only possible though dedicated organisation of one’s own life.

It does seem like a lot of effort. Having to actively assess what happens and understand its meaning, having to decide what it is we want from this life. It is easier to live without meaning, perhaps it is even easier to be lost and not understand. With understanding comes responsibility; the responsibility to do something about it or the regret of knowing that you had an answer but did not act on that knowledge. Time will pass either way. The choice remains. You can’t change what happened, but you can change how it ends. What do you want the rest of your life to look like?