It takes a lot of faith and courage to believe there is nothing that can stop you. When you change yourself internally, your external situation will naturally start to change. Perhaps difficult to grasp, but it is worth believing.

This life, it has too many forms. Too many options, too many possibilities.There is still so much to learn and so much to happen.

It is important to understand that different types of situations happen so we can learn different sides of ourselves. The same lessons will come again and again until we finally understand. I have a theory that this happens only as long as we keep our mindset the same. If everything does happen for a reason, then to remain unchanged by life’s events leads to not discovering a part of ourselves. I do not think that one can be complete without knowing just how much he or she is really capable of.

So the next time something happens, and it seems exactly the same as a previous situation, why not try and see what it is in your mind that this is a projection of. Then maybe instead of sitting and begging the demons in our head to leave us alone, we can stand up and walk towards the life that we deserve without their permission. You do not need to beg for the right to live your own life. Walk away from anyone or anything that reinforces this idea or helps strengthen your inner enemy. They live on our fear.

We capture life through various forms; in art and writing, in music, conversations and stories. For example our beloved fairytales. Fairytales may teach us that there is an ending, but they don’t mention that in life there will be more than one, each one bringing with it a new beginning. Fairytales end after a few pages. Life ends after a lot of chapters. One bad ending or one difficult chapter is just not worth giving up on the whole book for.