I have mentioned a lot about balancing inner and outer life, which are the two meanings of the word brilliance. I have not however mentioned about ‘today’. The project is not just the integration of both meanings, it also needs to touch the reasons behind this.

The way I want to live is a choice that I have to make every single day. It does not get easier just because I decided once that this is what I want to do. No, that is simply not enough. Every time I wake up I have to make that decision again and again. Every day is different and brings with it new distractions and challenges.

Not only does ‘today’ refer to this concept but it also means that all my ideas are not something to ponder upon for the future. Everything I see around me now is my life. This is what I have to integrate this project into. This is all there is. I have to learn to stop waiting for a magical perfect future life that I can practice this in. If I do not start in this life today, I will never begin and the magical future life will never arrive.

So what is it that I can do today to get me closer to the results I want to see? What can I do that will make tomorrow better? What can I do that is authentically me?

This approach means that change is very accessible. When you imagine it as “one day” or “in another type of life change will be possible” then you will never be able to actually change because you are ignoring the starting point.

It is as simple as every day making a decision to be true to and remember myself, and work towards what I want to achieve. More ideas and more goals will come, but only if I start from the today, from the now.

Life really is not more complicated than that. It is not some metaphorical or philosophical concept that is out of grasp or that is not understandable. On a macrocosm level perhaps it is, like how the whole universe works or the reason of existence. I doubt I am supposed to figure that out. I am in this world, with this life and this understanding. On a microcosm level, it is very understandable. It is nothing but the sum of what I do, think and feel everyday. That is in my control, that is my decision.

Daily activities are life itself. Any changes to how this life is can only be done by starting on these micro elements.

Perhaps I felt I was missing out on life because I was looking for something too big, too complicated, too philosophical instead of looking at the visible details around me. How could I not see vitality in the elements of beauty that surround our existence?