In my previous post, I talked about how to heal through the rebuilding of one’s life. I have created the following system through which this can be done within a set time frame as a  challenge to ourselves.


This is the end result we want to obtain and the reasons why. For example in my case it is to build my own empire, my life, and take back the control that I left to others. Why? To replace any mental, physical or spiritual damage with strength and clarity.

The result must be clear and the reasons strong so that they both motivate us.


I like to divide the vision into internal factors and external factors. This means dividing our goals into parts that are internal (mental/emotional recovery for example) and parts that are external (lifestyle, job and so on). This way it is easier to set goals for how we want to feel internally, and how we want these changes to be projected externally.


It is important to set a time frame. It can be one month, two months or even one year depending on the task in question. It has to be realistic but at the same time not too long that it appears like a distant future event.


This is where having a structure comes in. In the ‘vision’ part we have stated the detailed goals that we want to achieve inside and out. Here we break them down into smaller tasks that we can achieve daily. As each day goes by, we will eventually get close to the main goal.

If you do not have clear goals, you will at least have a direction that you wish to go in. This can be enough to set daily tasks from.

I also want to record my progress so I can see how far I have come at the end of the project.


We can start today and incorporate all the changes into everyday events.

This is a challenge to ourselves. To see how badly we want to change, and how much we are capable of when we truly apply ourselves. Who knows how much more we will discover just by taking this direction, and how much our lives could change if we succeed. It does seem like a long time, but that time will pass either way. Why not try and do something constructive with it?