I am giving myself a 100 day mental, physical and spiritual healing challenge. Following the scheme in my previous post, this is an outline of what the challenge consists of:

Motivation: To build strong foundations in my own life and take back control over its direction. I want to do my best with what I have, from where I am. That means maximising the resources I have, despite any external circumstances that may be an obstacle. In 100 days I want to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and healed.

To become the best version of myself that I can be and turn this into my life itself being the best version it can be. To not allow anyone or anything to let me live only half a life or feel half alive.



  • Creating a new direction and a new pattern in my thinking.
  • Identifying existing beliefs and questioning their origin and truth.
  • Recognising and letting go of those that I built through ignorance or weakness.
  • Examining new belief systems based on the direction I want my life to take.
  • Learning to be kind and gentle to myself.


  • Bring the internal changes into my everyday life. For example being healthy, creating a positive living environment, new achievements, constructive events and so on.

Time: 100 days

How: What can I do today, with the resources I have, to get closer to the end result I want?

This will give me an opportunity to implement my project, Brilliance Today, in my own life. I will build a strong foundation internally; one that is true to who I really am and that will not break when life shakes it. This new found internal light will shine into my ‘visible’ life externally and all changes or activities will reflect this light.

I hope that this way I can create a life that is in sync with who I really am, yet at the same time be able to integrate this into a 21st century fast paced society. I am truly me, all this strength and all these ideas, but I am not isolated in some imaginary world. I am true to myself, in this maze of modern life. In 100 days from now I hope to have built myself into a person that is capable of bringing this theory to life.