I want to stop and reflect on the meaning I am finding in life so far.

This life is not an achievement. Love is not an achievement. So often I hear people measure how well they are doing in life with work results, school results, relationships and various achievements. Although this is great to do, and I do encourage trying to achieve the most in life, it should not be the backbone of someone’s confidence. These results should be the consequence of who we have become. Everything in this world constantly changes. To place your confidence, self worth and heart into something that will eventually vanish is setting yourself up for major disappointment.

So what do you do then? Live and avoid attachment? Avoid life itself? Plunge in completely and take the pain when it comes?

How can I avoid having to constantly rebuild myself? How can I do it once that will be permanent? (Permanent as in until a time comes when further introspection is needed. Even as people we are constantly in change, so it is good to monitor in future if our beliefs are still the same.)

The only way is to bring this understanding into our everyday lives. Not avoiding attachment, but realising that everything is impermanent. Not avoiding life, but understanding its nature. Not ignoring this and being surprised when things end. And why does change always have to be negative? We need bad situations to pass too, we need rough times to end. If everything fades, so will these, and isn’t that a relief? Just as spring turns into summer, into autumn and into winter, so do our lives go through seasons of tranquility, storms, peace and torment.

I believe the test in this life is to be able to find pieces of paradise amongst the deception. Pieces of reality amongst an illusional backdrop. That reality can be people, places, thoughts, events, anything. The times when eternity embodies a moment. In the midst of a world that is falling apart and people breaking in pieces, search for the beauty that remains, the hope that prevails around the destruction.

And when things do end, may this be just a reminder of how our hearts are not meant to be filled with the impermanence of this world.

So, I do not advocate ignoring life. Nor do I encourage plunging completely. I believe in living “normally” but with this understanding. Bringing the strongest, purest version of ourselves into the world. This life is worth living, even in today’s society. Yes, there is so much wrong with it, but there is also so much beauty to be found in the micro elements of its structure. In the simplest forms of daily activity.

Love is not something that you search for and find. It is something that finds you. Life is not something you pursue. It locates you. In the middle of this chaos, in the middle of busy days and rough weekends, hard jobs and indifferent people. When you stop with this endless pursuit of meaning and filling of a void, it shows up. Until then, I wait, I keep this patience and I stay on my heart’s true direction. One step at a time, without need, without approval, I walk towards who and where I am supposed to be.