Upon breaking down my life into different areas to see which changes can be made, I have noticed that they are all somehow connected. You cannot selectively change one area of life without all the others changing. If you heal one thing, everything heals. If you change one thing, everything changes. This is why when I started this challenge to obtain emotional strength, this force of wellness overtook each and every area of my life, not just the area I started to implement it in.

Some doctors say that the human body has a natural ability to heal itself from diseases. It is impossible to heal one disease and keep another. If the body heals, it heals everything. With the right support and strength, everything goes back into balance. All of the body’s systems work again and all of the body’s functions go back to normal. The body has a natural ability to heal itself if we stay out of its way.

Can the same not be possible for emotional and mental healing? Do our minds and hearts have an innate ability to heal from emotional and psychological diseases? And if we start this process in one part of life, does it heal every single part of our life like the body does?

I am beginning to believe that this is true. I notice that every area of my life is affected by the changes I am implementing. The better I feel personally, the more I want to take care of my health for example. The healthier I am, the more energy I have for social connections and so on. It is impossible to care only about one area of our lives because life itself is made up of a number of areas. Neglecting one will have a knock on effect on the others. Thriving in one will have the same effect.

This also means that there is no right area to begin with. Having the intention of changing or perfecting any area will eventually mean changing your whole life. Finding purpose, meaning and a reason for life will eventually spread everywhere. It also takes away the stress of having to fix everything that needs to be changed as this can be overwhelming. Simply focus on one area and then let this impact all other problems. It’s like a puzzle falling into place. Instead of putting pieces the wrong way around or trying to force them with pieces they do not belong with, this force of healing just instinctively places all of them where they belong.

I find this as reassuring as it is amazing.