When you fix one area of your life, all others naturally fix too. If healing is a force that can take over every area of life, why can improvement and realising potential not do the same? And if I am able to heal myself, what else can I do? In order to arrive at a final goal of living my highest potential, I have identified 4 steps:

  1. Eliminate toxicity in all areas of life
    Areas of life can be divided into health, social, personal etc. The starting point of my healing project was to eliminate all beliefs that I discovered not to be true. This started from a building of self-esteem to a change of diet towards healthier foods, to a change of social circle to more constructive relationships. My intention to fix one area had a knock on effect on all other areas of my life. Any kind of poison, be these thoughts or actions, was eventually eliminated.
  2. Build foundations
    It is not enough to make an old mindset collapse; it needs to be rebuilt. This means discovering truer beliefs and implementing necessary changes. When a mindset is rebuilt, it creates a strong foundation for your being and your entire life. Upon this foundation, you can continue to grow, but without it you will keep falling. With a solid foundation, even when things do go wrong in life, you will not collapse to pieces. Maybe some things will fall apart, but you will always fall back on this strong foundation. So nothing can really go that terribly wrong.
  3. Improvement
    After having a solid base as a result of a detailed introspection, you can begin to consider further goals and plans to reach. If you have a foundation of confidence, you can aim to strengthen this for example. If you have a solid base of health, you can aim to be healthier and so on. Improving the new starting point that you have given yourself through the building of your foundation.
  4. Potential
    This is the ultimate expression of your capacity. It is what you are capable of doing, becoming and achieving. It is your currently unrealised ability, what you are capable of being but have not yet become. It requires the ability to see beyond your current point and glimpse at what could be. To arrive at your potential requires a lot of will power, dedication and organisation. To live a life in full potential is the ultimate expression of human capability.

When you live at your highest potential you live your own personal legacy. Your life is existential proof of all that was put into you. It is potential in manifest, the most you are capable of achieving. If you are dedicated enough, it will remain after you die and while you live it will be a source of inspiration. This is the real meaning of maximising recourses and using all of what we already have inside us. How far can you go? What is your personal excellence?

Potential is not the starting point. You start with the pieces of your mind that have survived the storm. You clean them, reorganise them. You build new pieces, you fit them together like a puzzle. You discard the toxic pieces that poison not only your mind, but your entire being. Gradually you build upon that, you continue to improve and step by step you get to the ultimate realisation of self and human capacity.

I am aware that this goal is a race against time and that in order to achieve it I will need to maximise every moment and resource I have. Potential is not easy, but even just attempting and pursuing gives me so much more satisfaction in life than not even trying does.