How much time will it take me to reach my potential with complete dedication and how much will it take me when I combine this quest with distractions?

Today’s modern life is presented with a lot of distractions. From social media to television, there is always something catching our attention. As harmless as it may seem, it does stop us from achieving as much as we are capable of. Even if not directly with the time itself (maybe you are tired and would not have done anything productive anyway), but indirectly with what it installs in our minds. When we feed our minds with information, this starts a chain of thoughts in different directions. This means we can easily end up mentally off track.

Sometimes it just comes down to taking yourself, and your inner life, a lot more seriously than before; giving them the dedication and time necessary to their development. Actively choosing to not focus on distractions or other people’s attempts to make choices for you. Is what I am watching or doing in line with the direction I want to go in? Is other people’s acceptance really worth giving my whole life to? Will they be there to help me when I fall apart? Probably not.

If we really did not have that much more time left, what more could we have done? Have we even tried? Every morning that I wake up I am grateful to have another chance to enjoy the beauty of life and get closer to my potential. It seems so long ago when I only wished to sleep longer so I would not have to face this life. I never thought that a paradigm shift could have such an effect.

But what if I don’t wake up tomorrow; is this how I want my life to be remembered? Is this what I want to look back on? How much potential have I wasted? How could I have better used the time I had? How different could this whole adventure have been? I could have been happy, fulfilled, grateful.

I cannot wait until I am old to reflect or change, for if today were my last day then I am already old.

In light of these thoughts, I can decipher what is worth giving my time to and what is not. It may seem like a drastic way to make a decision, but I did set out with the intention to make a drastic change.

Even if the distraction filled people were right and I were wrong, and life is to be filled with all these time consuming activities, what do I really lose? Even if I don’t make it, I will have gone a lot further than if I had not even tried. Life will have been a lot more meaningful than if I did not even consider this option. And what can be more innocent in today’s torn apart world than a sincere search for meaning and contentment?