For reference please also read: Foundations of life

The verb to express comes from the latin ‘ex’ (out, from) and pressare ‘to press’, in other words ‘to press out’.

All areas of life have inner and outer parts. Building a foundation concentrated on the inner part, organising our beliefs and ideas. This second part, expression, deals with how to reflect those inner changes, the new found health and structure, into our lives so that they may be visible.

This expression is a consequence of the foundation; a lot of it will come naturally. For example by improving our knowledge about health we will automatically try to eat more healthy food.




By looking at the image above we can imagine the bottom layer to be foundations. The second layer is the expression of these. What is observable is that the second layer fits perfectly into the first one. This means that what we express is in perfect match with the foundations that we built, which were also in perfect match with who we really are. This then makes up the second brick in building a strong life.


This varies for the area of life involved and what is in your particular foundation. For example the expression of health will be through diet and exercise. Having a foundation of a positive social circle will mean finding expression in activities that promote these values. Other areas are better suited to activities or surroundings, such as personal (living environment, clothes etc.). Educational could be through taking courses. It comes down to asking yourself what it is you believe in, what you included in your foundations, and then finding a way to make it visible. Having an active approach in the decision of how your time is spent instead of a passive approach that includes random activities. This is a key element to achieving potential that will be discussed later on.


Let’s examine this table as an example. Your foundation of health was that of a ‘healthy’ person: no illnesses or diseases, but not particularly fit or attentive to your body’s nutritional requirements either. You can express this base of health through the active search for visible things that are healthy. That can be food, exercise, sleep pattern or any small lifestyle change. When you see this change, you will see the visible external part of what you already created internally (defined yourself as healthy).

Let’s consider the personal aspect of life: your foundation is one of confidence and self acceptance. This can be manifested through an active choice of how you care for yourself. That could be with clothes, clean surroundings or informative books. Anything that brings out the inner love and acceptance into your everyday life.

This same table can be used for all areas of life.

I must include a reminder that this part is not about setting goals. That will come at a later stage. This is simply putting into practice what you believe in; a physical expression of a mental foundation.

Lack of this expression, or expressing something that is not in line with your foundation, can cause emotional blockages and internal confusion as a result of mixed signals. I find it interesting to observe my physical reactions when I express something that I am aware is not aligned with myself.

Having a foundation and finding a way to express this in our everyday lives is the basic need for inner contentment and dignity. It is not a necessity to go further with goals and eventually potential, that is a choice. But I do find that these two steps are the requirement for a less anxious, confusing or painful life. Within this structure I envision the capacity for individuality to flourish, from which will naturally derive a better life.