I have been reflecting on the amount of new ‘rules’ that I have found necessary on the path to learning and improvement (health, way of thinking etc).

It seems ironic that in between so many rules I find freedom. People often say that they are free because they can choose whatever they want, they do not follow any dogma. In a way yes, they are right. But with a broadened perspective, no. Not all that is in the world is good; there is also a lot of evil. Evil never presents itself as evil, it disguises itself as good. The wolf in sheep’s clothing: lurking among them, pretending to be like them, but really just planting seeds of self doubt and eventual destruction in the minds of its ‘friends’. These disguised predators will feed on your most inner needs of love, trust, or whatever that may be. While you think you are getting what you need and how much you trust them, they will be eating your soul. Waiting until enough of it is gone so that you are weak and confused. Then they deliver a final blow of destruction and death. The little sheep, completely unprepared for an attack from the trusted insider, doesn’t stand a chance.

So with this consideration, being free means you are liable to following these predators. No, I don’t want this kind of freedom. I want the freedom of good, of light. That only comes with following rules, because it is the only way we can exclude evil. I may not be able to eat what I want, to interact with everyone, to sleep all day, or I may not be able to drink or entertain myself as most young people do. I eat healthy food to protect my body, I avoid negativity to protect my mental health, I have an active schedule to protect my productivity from fading away. I avoid questionable  ‘entertainment’ to protect my heart from being used and broken. I love this life, and you protect what you love. I show my appreciation for it through gentleness and respect towards myself firstly. These rules, it keeps that love and appreciation alive. If I damaged my health, my mind, my soul.. How am I showing gratitude for the fact of being alive? You don’t destroy what you love. You nourish it and take care of it instead. If you are not doing this, you don’t love it. This goes for yourself, others, or life itself.

And there is the irony; in the midst of all these restrictions, I feel amazing. 🙂 You have to capture, maintain and protect your aura of positivity, hope and light. In complete freedom, you will lose it because it will inevitably mix with all other energies, and not all are beneficial.

The following of some kind of structure is present in a lot of religious or spiritual practices, not that I want to promote anything, but just as something to reflect on; this does seem to be a common theme throughout history.

My generation wants to be rebellious, to live against morality, against indoctrination. Yes, of course we must be free to choose, but we must also be very, very careful of what we choose. No action or activity is without consequence.

The rebellion is only against yourself. The submission is only for yourself. A higher power does not need your obedience for some sadistic reason; you need it. Without it is only endless struggle, confusion, and being endlessly lost.