I have written a lot of posts about life improvement in general, however part of my project is that everything has to be brought into everyday life. Brilliance means to shine internally whilst obtaining results in life externally, through everyday actions.

Every day is made up of different events. Some of these are responsibilities that we must attend to (work etc), others we can choose (for example reading or writing). A lot of times I find that although I am able to be empowered and awake while I study or write, when I go through my everyday responsibilities I lose this rhythm. This is why I want to write about how essential it is to shine this internal light outward at all times, not just when we are alone. That is the true reason behind Brilliance Today; being yourself but still integrating into society. It would be very easy to shine internally if we were in isolation, however this is not possible in the society we live in. We must learn to take part in it, without however letting it smother us.


This brings me to talk about energy and absorbing energy from others. As any empathic or introverted person will know only too well, our energy gets drained very easily. Introverted people are highly perceptive to their environment and prefer to have conversations that are meaningful rather than small talk. Noticing every small detail of the environment you are in takes a lot of energy. Think of all the external stimuli in any situation (noise, lights, movement). We get re-charged by deep conversations (or being alone), however most of everyday conversations revolves around small talk, which again takes up a lot of energy (we tend to give energy to others in these situations). As a result, at the end of the day it feels like you have to start over again to rebuild your positive energy.

I am able to create positive thoughts and feelings within myself, but doing so just to lose it again the next day is not the point.

These are steps that I have noticed will help to be Brilliant, not just at selected times, but constantly:

  • Emotional distance.
    Not every situation deserves our full attention or emotional reaction. I do not mean to be ‘cold’ or unresponsive, but to take a step back and assess if this is something worth giving our attention to. If it is someone trying to be annoying, talking about something trivial, then chances are it is not worth giving our precious positive energy to.
  • Reminder
    Remind yourself during the day of who you are. Take 5 minutes to just sit, breathe and mentally leave your physical surroundings. A reminder could even be a screensaver, a bracelet, a post-it note. 
  • Why
    Working on the development of yourself takes a lot of effort. To keep going, you need to have a strong reason. I do not mean motivation, I mean why do you want this? Why is this improvement important? In my case, why do I have to brilliant? If the reason does not go straight to the core of your being, then it will be very difficult to persist.
  • Conscious decisions
    It is easy to fall into an auto-pilot mode when you are tired, but this is very dangerous for our energy levels. Actively choose to eat healthy food, actively choose to think constructively, consciously choose what emotional vibration you want. Yes, it is easier to eat a pizza and watch television, but what are the consequences of that?
    What you think about, you give your energy to. Is it really worth it? Do I really do all this work just to give my energy to that?
  • Don’t take everything so seriously 🙂
    Trying too hard creates resistance in energy. You have nothing to prove, you already are. You don’t need to be ‘nice’. When you try to be something, it makes your brain think that you are not that (because of such an effort put in to become it), hence creating an internal conflict. This takes up energy too. Authentic goes beyond nice. Real goes beyond effort to appear. Just being breaks down all this conflict of expression.