Resilience: the capacity of a substance or object to spring back into shape, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

To constantly strive to overcome ourselves, to overcome our adversities. No situation is stronger than the human capacity to adapt and recreate itself. Yes, of course we have to remove ourselves from negativity and toxic people if we can, but if this is not possible it does not mean that we let ourselves die inside.

We are not the darkness that tried to smother us. We are not what someone did to us. We are not any kind of trauma. We are the light that survived, the courage that escaped and the willpower that will not die. That power can never , ever, be taken from us, no matter how bad it gets. The call of life is forever stronger than that of destruction.

As I continue to strive forward towards my potential, I have to remind myself that my life is not an apology, it is a statement. My mission is to be the embodiment of the human potential, capability and possibility that is within all of us, for my own personal development as well as for the inspiration to others. I hope through my achievement of this, I can also inspire others to do the same. I am not there yet, but every day, step by step, I am working to get there. Again; your life should not be an apology, it should be a statement.