I’m sure we have all heard the sentence ‘be grateful for what you have’. It does sound very cliche, which is why I always thought ‘of course I am grateful, but..’. I never really understood the power of appreciation, not just of situations, but also of people.

Taking a moment to be grateful also makes us feel better. Who doesn’t want to feel that peace?

I have noticed that the more I appreciate what I have, the more breakthroughs I seem to have in life. Like most people, I used to think that in order to get something, I had to want it so much that I hated where I already was. It works the opposite way. Nothing will happen until you accept and love where you are. Even if that is very far from where you want to be, emotionally or physically, it is necessary. Unless we can learn to appreciate places and people for what they are, we will never be happy. Because no place or situation is perfect, even the one we think will save us. If we do not appreciate the current one, we will not appreciate the future one either. Everything else is just an illusion, like a mirage in the desert.

So slow down, and breathe. Begin to notice all that is around and its beauty will begin to appear. I am aware of how difficult that can be for some people; life does throw a lot of complicated situations at us, but only to test us. We are supposed to be tested, so we can learn to find ourselves and our light in all that darkness. I like to spend time in nature. Living in a city, I have learnt to appreciate nature in its smaller forms: sunsets, sunrises, sky patterns, trees, colours, lights, the contrast of people in their busy lives, of buildings, horizons or cityscapes.

Take a moment every day to just be present, let go of worries and observe. Be happy for all that you have. Begin counting what you are thankful for and it will actually be a very long list. Love is a strong force, and the love for your life will find a way of growing itself.

Find beauty in darkness, in greyness, in light, in colours, in the contrast.. and beauty will find itself in your life.