Adapting to surroundings; what if the way I want to express myself is not possible?

As I have been working a lot lately on true expression of the internal self, I ran into this ‘obstacle’. What if the life you are living does not accommodate all that needs to be expressed to live in that harmony?

These are answers I have encountered:

  • Change the surroundings. The most obvious one; change what can be changed. People, workplace, social outings. 
Of course this is not always possible for all situations; you cannot always just move city or country, or quit jobs, which leads to the other points.
  • Find a new way for this expression. For example; you like nature but you live in a city. You feel confined by the buildings and long to be able to ‘breathe’. Look for pieces of nature within the city: a park, the sky, sunsets etc. It may not be exactly what we want, but there is a way that this expression will crack through. Who said there is only one way to express something?
  • Concentrate on what can be expressed with ease at this time; in the future your circumstances will change and you may not be able to work on these so easily. This could be health; maybe you currently have access to a range of foods that could improve your diet. Make the most of this. Or maybe you are currently in a very rewarding social circle. 
Focusing on developing the areas that you do have access to is an excellent way of continuing to grow, even if it is just in some areas.

Another important point to add is to not fall for the illusion of perfection. In other words, not being content with life because it is not ‘perfect’. There is no such thing. If you are going to wait for perfect expression to express yourself, it will never happen. You need to navigate your way through the maze of imperfect situations and find a way to bring your light to them. Maybe we will need to sacrifice some parts of ourselves to merge with the environment, but both are constantly changing. As our environment changes, we change and as we change, our environment changes. So eventually, all of our internal parts will get expressed. There is a time for everything; maybe expressing everything at once instead of just one or two areas would be too overwhelming and that is why you are now only able to improve a few. Until that time, recognise which ones need to be externalised now and merge this internal beauty with the beauty of your surroundings.