We live in times where, at least in most of the world, we are very comfortable. If we are hungry, we go to a shop and buy food. If we are bored, we have televisions and movies. If we want to feel important or a sense of belonging, there are numerous outlets for this. As such, we do not have many life-threatening struggles. Why then should we bother to engage in knowledge or development of ourselves?

This is an important question, even one that has made me stagnate in my own development. Why? Why bother?

  • Examine the current global situation from a broader perspective. Violence, hatred, manipulation, chemically and genetically modified food, environmental crisis, financial crisis. And the list goes on. Is our comfort then an illusion? How long is it really until we are involved in the next disaster, instead of always looking on from the comfort of our homes? And if so, how prepared are we to deal with that?
  • How can we be so confident to assume that our comfortable lives are true? How much of what we do daily is not actually in sync with true human nature? As in diet, or how we interact with others. What if all we know is not actually the best way?
  • From personal experience, putting forward the intention to change sets in motion a whole chain of events. These could not have happened if I did not start somewhere, or if I did not even make the decision to start. How different is my life now to before? Completely. Not because I have a magic secret to change, but because I was open to learning that change exists. Why should I have stayed the way I was before, although comfortable, when I can be really appreciating and enjoying the growth in my life?

The quest is not to save the world. It is not to take on massive corruption or manipulation, but rather to take on our own lives and save ourselves. This is done by liberating ourselves from false perceptions, by learning who we really are, by staring at the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. By taking back our power and creating our own space to thrive. By finding our happiness within the darkened surroundings. The world will always be in a confusing state, and perhaps that is part of our mission, so we can learn to grow in adversity. Ironically, once a lot of people start doing this, it will have an impact on the global condition. So of course this work is important, it is all we can do.