Ever been unsure which of two options to take? Or even worse, which of 3, or 4, or 5?

This happens often. The easy way out is to not decide. The outcome of each option “is ok”. Neither of the outcomes would be upsetting, so why bother deciding? I can do A and obtain B, or do C and obtain D. C and D are both results that I am fine with.

What happens however is, by not making a decision, you end up with a mix of the possible outcomes. Half C and half D. Without the clarity of that decision, you also feel extremely confused as to what you should or should not be doing. This can apply to everyday life, not just to big life decisions.

Should I eat now or later? You end up eating a little bit and then still being hungry and having to eat again later, as well as feeling confused if you should be eating or not. Should I exercise now or tomorrow? Without a decision, you will feel guilty for not doing it now and will then end up going today to get rid of the guilt. A simple decision could have eliminated that waste of time and energy on feeling bad or confused about it. Should I read this book now? Without a decision, you will read a few pages and then stop because you are not sure if you should be reading it.

I am aware that people are not blank canvas on which we place our own decisions, but some direction is needed. To not make a decision is to make a decision. It is to decide to feel uncertain about not only the outcome, but also the process. If you do have a direction to go in, time is precious. Energy is precious. To waste these on uncertainty is more than a pity. It is difficult to know which outcome is best, but you have to just pick one. You will never have a 100% guarantee that it will be the best choice, but it will be better than not choosing.

Make a decision in your daily life and stick to it. Know what you are supposed to do in that day and let that clarity guide you. The rest is just confusion, and there is no time to be lost.