I have noticed recently that when a goal is too big, it discourages us from even beginning. This could be a sports goal (of running for a certain amount of time), or a learning goal (reading a certain number of chapters). What I have noticed that makes it easier to accomplish is to divide it in half. So in the case of running, instead of thinking you have to do 20 minutes, say to yourself that you have to do 10. Instead of having to read 4 chapters, say you have to read 2.

Surprisingly each time I do this, when I get to the half way point (the new goal), I find it easier to continue to the original goal. “I have already come this far, I may as well continue” or “That was easy, I am capable of a lot more”. This way I am more enthusiastic to start because I do not dread a long process, and I also obtain the goal I originally want without having to drag myself through the process.

This means that we are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. If we can do double of what we think we are capable of, how much further could we go? What if the original goal becomes the new half?

How different could our lives be if we spent time understanding what we are really capable of doing?