If everything in the world will eventually disappear, including us and all we create, what is the point in putting in the effort to change?

This is one of the questions that requires a more profound answer rather than just “why not”. We are faced with inevitable destruction, of ourselves, our lives, our planet, our possessions. So what motivation is there for continuing the development of our self and our creations?

  • How can we be so sure that it will disappear forever? 
No one knows the exact nature of the universe or the exact reason of life, therefore how do we know that we do not simply carry on after this life? How can we be so sure that everything will be destroyed?
  • Even if that is the case, and it does vanish, would it not have been worth even trying to live differently? If everything will end, what does it matter if I am different? What does it matter if I create something and enrich my way of life? It may be a struggle in this society and age, but at the end we will all disappear, so what does it matter what others think? 
The system is already broken, and our comfort slowly falling apart. The security of the previous generations is disappearing. We no longer have jobs and relationships to go into after studying, nor can we even afford to study.  We can’t even travel for fear that we might be caught in the next attack. We are witnessing so many new creative ideas and young entrepreneurs, partly because they have no other choice. There is no such option as “settling down” for my generation; the system collapsed on top of us and we have to find our place in the mess, if not help build a new one.
  • People, and the world itself, are in a very critical situation. Most are lost, asleep in a maze of compliance, but some souls just can never be satisfied with the plastic version of life, and all it contains, that is presented as truth. Processed food, illusionary social structures, pre-packaged desires and rewards. For these people, the call of Life is just too strong to ignore. So strong that answering it seems the only thing that they can do. Anything else is not only irrational, but not even considerable as an option. You just have to stop pretending that you like the submissive compliance, that you like the comfort and acceptance it brings, and answer to the call of Life. You already know that it is all that is real in this confusing deception.
    I don’t know what will happen next, I don’t know what the end will be like, but I know where I am now. And I know that matters.
  • If love is such a strong force, and we love our lives and life itself with the respect they deserve, what else can this change that we do not know about?

Perhaps there are other forms of life out there, and they look down at us, and see the strength of this love. How it changes not only ourselves and others, but our whole lives, our whole societies. How our will to live, and the essence of life itself, seem to be embedded in our collective psyche. Our attempt to strive, to take our power back from the indoctrination that drains it from us, perhaps that is beautiful to them. Maybe they are out there looking in awe as we overcome struggles and mend our hearts. Our little earth may one day disappear, but our stories will remain. Maybe there will be little traces of what people created, soul’s imprints left on the world, memories of the shared love, attempts to fight, or lost pieces.

This is why we have to persist. We just don’t know how important shining our light is.