Vital energy is the energy we require in order to get through each day. Not just physical energy to move, but a deeper form of energy which enables us to be conscious of how we move. There are various phases in which we can lose or gain this energy.

  • Draining
    Our vital energy can be drained by people, places, food and other triggers. This can be noticed by feeling tired (even if you have had proper sleep), drained or unenthusiastic about any activities. Energy draining is very dangerous for our vitality, as it not only take time to recover that energy, but it also stops us from feeling our best throughout the day.
  • Recharging
    Again recharging can be done by people, places or food. Certain activities can restore our vital energy, such as walking in nature, hobbies etc. It is important to identify the triggers that make us feel charged, so as we can consciously do them when required.

The following is a breakdown of how we give and take energy:


  1. Accidentally picking up energy from others or from places.
    We can pick up feelings from places and people if we are not conscious of them. People may be angry, sad, stressed and this can transfer onto us if we are not aware of our own feelings. Places also have a certain energy in them (what you pick up in a nightclub compared to a walk by a river for example) and this will transfer onto our energy field. You become who and what you spend most time with.
  2. Giving energy to others (draining)
    Just as we take energy from others, they also take it from us. If it is an exchange of random energy (what we have accidentally picked up) then we will not feel drained as what we are giving was never ours, but we will feel extremely confused or exhausted. The output is not true to who we really are, nor was it intentional.


  1. Getting vital energy from natural sources
    Natural foods and natural environments are the best ways to restore energy levels as they do not involve taking energy from others. What we put into our bodies is, in a way, what we become. It is therefore very important to avoid processed foods as they do not contain much natural nutrition. Also processed entertainment or environments will have the same effect: they are not nutritious at a spiritual or emotional level.
  2. Putting energy  into things of your choice (people, projects etc.)
    When we have gathered our own personal energy, we can choose how, where and to who we want to give this precious energy to. As this output will be true to who we really are, and not random, it is very important that we choose only what deserves this attention. Our own creative projects, the people we love, and ultimately ourselves and our own lives.

This reduces the dependancy on “filling gaps”: having to watch tv or be entertained when we are not feeling enough vitality. Awareness of how all of this works should also be able to prevent our energy from being drained, or to at least realise when it is and who/what to stay away from.