By accidentally dropping a glass, instead of rushing to clean it up, I just looked at it for a few moments and the following occurred to me:

You make something into something new by breaking it.

It is impossible to reshape or change something without it first either being broken, or else being put under extreme heat that it changes its form. By putting together the new pieces, or by moulding the melted materiel into a new shape, you can make something completely new.

This leads to the following guidelines:

  • Do not go back to the same place or situation that broke you (its purpose has already been served). Putting the broken glass back in my hand will not make it go back to being the shape it once was, nor will dropping it again make the reshaping process any quicker.
  • You can’t reinvent something in the same surroundings as they will always remind you of how you used to be. If I make the glass pieces into something new, and then put it back in my hand, there will always be a hidden reminder “I used to be a drinking glass here”. Hence, you can never really move on if you stay in the same situation, even if you have changed and recreated yourself.
  • The new thing that you make from the broken thing has new capabilities and the old surroundings would limit that. As in, the old surroundings do not contain the capacity of expression of the new skills learnt from the recreating process.

It takes pain to let go, to accept that you have changed.
It takes knowledge to understand the process.
It takes courage to walk into new surroundings.
It takes faith to believe that everything will be ok.

One internal process for one external result.

Ironically, you will become who you always knew you could become, if you allow the process to happen.