Watching a travel series recently, I came across a saying that went along the lines of “happiness and enjoyment are never where you expect to find them”. This was in relation to choosing destinations or holiday adventures that the person thought would be exciting or would make him happy, and it turned out the be the opposite. He did not enjoy the events he was looking forward to, and ended up enjoying the ones that he was least expecting to like. You don’t really know what makes you happy until you try, then you find your place. Our mental image of something may be very different from how the reality of it actually is.

This brought me to think of life and our individual purposes here. Maybe your life purpose cannot fit into social structures because they are not designed for purposes, they are designed for mechanical behaviours. If you want to live your purpose, you are going to have to step outside these social boxes and compartments, because all of your soul capacity will never fit inside them. Also, you can’t fit your purpose into any of your mental ideas because they too are the result of a lifetime of conditioning and programming. You can’t mentally see what this potential is and you can’t externally manifest it because it is neither a mental image you already have nor is it a socially ‘normal’ object, like a job or a study program.

There is internal guidance to that place, to where you belong in the world, and perhaps you have always known. What is blocking you is the inability to allow new mental concepts to create themselves, as well as to imagine other ways of living outside of the social norms. Maybe you don’t know, and can’t know, what makes you happy because you haven’t experienced it yet.

We imagine that a certain job will make us happy, or a certain lifestyle, but all we base this on is our perception of how that life is. How do we know, if we have never tried it? What if the reality of it is completely different and it does not suit who we are? This is why it is of crucial importance to follow our internal guidance rather than external inputs of what is “normal” or what we should be doing and wishing for.