What is strength and what is weakness?

In our social environment, strength viewed as when we have a lack of emotions, an ability to “get over” situations and weakness is when we are emotionally involved. I don’t believe that this cultural definition represents the true meaning of the words. Weakness does exist, and we all seem to be somehow at life’s mercy, begging for good circumstances or events. But is that weakness? Is it not just a natural spiritual urge to find our salvation, our explanation, our peace? Would pretending to be strong deprive us of the opportunity to actually find true strength, and our own place in the world? 

What then makes people so weak?

I read recently “weak is the one who seeks and that which they seek”. Meaning that our endless pursuits of the ego is what make us weak. We seek status, material wealth, pleasure, acceptance of others, fun etc. All things that in themselves are empty and temporary. But we continue to pursue them. That quest makes us weak, because the end objective is itself weak, deprived of any nourishing value and subject to inevitable change. If we changed what we seek from the world, if the end result was something spiritually solid and fulfilling, would that make us stronger? I don’t mean to detach ourselves from the world, but to instead seek its truth, to search for life itself and what that really means. Would it take away that desperation that pushes us into a vicious circle of emptiness? Would filling your heart with what it is supposed to be filled with save it from an exhausting pursuit of illusions?

Perhaps we should question what exactly is in the depths or our hearts and minds that dictates our direction in every day life, and if that is true to who we really are or where we want to go. Maybe the true definition of strength is being able to hear that calling and stay close to it, in an ever louder and visually stimulating world.