In attempting to understand the relationship between our internal world and our external environment, I have many times came across the idea of shining an internal light onto the outside world. The concept of this inner shine started as a mere idea about our internal state, however through research has been developed into a truth about our inherent nature.

What is inner light?
Obviously the word light is a metaphor; there isn’t an actual psychical light shining, it is more a spiritual, or unseen, state. I like to think of it as a purification of the heart through the gaining of knowledge about oneself and life. Not however in the sense of “right or wrong”, but a gentle understanding of the role of this inner voice or inner part of us. Purification consists of initial healing and consequently a further understanding of what exactly it is that is being healed. A bulb that has cracks in it cannot shine properly. This process into the underworld of our minds is extremely powerful, as well as painful as it forces us to look at truth, which is not always beautiful. Once the initial underground work is done we can build the glass around our bulb so to say; rebuilding ourselves how we wish to, taking back control of our own lives.

Without this internal journey we would not be able to clean the bulb, enabling it to shine. Once this is done, we then need to focus on what we are doing in our lives and how that is affecting our internal light. What habits, what interests, what direction are we going in and is that blocking the light? What environment/people are we most often surrounded by? Are they like a board in front of the bulb, stopping or smothering its light, or are they giving it the space to do its function?

How does this effect the external environment?
A shining light brightens up the environment around it. Without trying, without moving. Like a lighthouse; it doesn’t run towards ships trying to help them, it just stays still and guides who comes in its vicinity. By doing our inner work of purification of our hearts, and by living a life that allows them to stay in that condition of purity, we will shine. Not intentionally, but as a natural consequence. And like a small lamp can give a lot of of light to a dark room, even a little bit of purity and a little bit of inner shine can spread to those around you. Imagine a very pure inner state like a very strong bulb, and the amount of light it will give to the environment around it just by being there.

As I mentioned in a previous article, light is knowledge. That knowledge then becomes our power to navigate through life, just as darkness (ignorance) weakens us on our journey. Our internal light shining onto the external world is a metaphor for living with correct knowledge; applying in our everyday lives the information we gather and learn about life, real life, not man-made society. Light is our understanding, an inner understanding of who we really are and what our purpose is. Shine is simply organising your life around that knowledge and living in harmony with it.