Although important life changes and directions are often considered to be something that happens in the distant future, or only after a careful deliberate decision, a lot of our small everyday actions do play a part in these.

We get to choose, every single day, which side we are part of. Which frequencies are we tuning into? What are we eating? It is not necessary to list what this involves; processed food, medication, fear inducing media, false education etc. Anyone who is attempting to improve their life already knows this, and there are plenty of sources from which it can be studied. The purpose of this project is to provide a solution, a way to live within this deceptive mess, not a way to explain it.

The bridge between knowledge and knowing is behaviour. It is not enough to learn that something is good for you/bad for you; for this to become imprinted in who you are it is necessary to behave accordingly. This could be divided into intellectual and emotional learning, our actions being the bridge between the two.

For example, we all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us. That is intellectual knowing. Without the forced behaviour of actually eating them, we will not gain the emotional imprint, we will not become a reflection of that knowing.


This is also why it can be quite dangerous to simply accumulate knowledge without fully digesting it or doing anything about it; we will think we are learning and progressing, however we remain at the same place, gaining only intellectual knowledge. This can be called living under the illusion of progress.

Our little everyday actions are that bridge. Each behaviour implemented from intellectual knowledge is a step across the bridge. What needs to be asked, however, is which bridge are we crossing. Are we being guided by greed, ambition, fear? If so, the bridge we cross leads to self destruction. The behaviours we will feel comfortable implementing will be self destructive. If instead we allow for truth, simplicity, faith or humility to guide us, we could just end up crossing the a more constructive bridge and becoming that more empowered, knowing version of ourselves. Again this goes back to the question at the beginning: what are our everyday actions and habits?