Origin of word: from Latin claritas “brightness, splendor”.

Definition of word (Oxford Dictionary):
The quality of being coherent and intelligible
The quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound (picture)
The quality of being certain or definite
The quality of transparency or purity (water)

The common interpretation of the word clarity is that of being certain of something. It is used in situations such as being clear about a situation: knowing what that situation is and where we stand. In a development sense we can interpret it as being able to see truth in what is around us, not the deception. Having clarity as to what actions we are engaging in as well as what is happening around us. On a micro scale of our immediate surroundings and on a macro scale of global events.

Without this awareness, we risk to live inside the bubble of our minds. This may be comforting, but it is not always true. Not only does it take us away from truth, but also makes us less aware of possible dangers or opportunities: both in our immediate environment as well as on a global scale. This is why we need to train ourselves to see with clarity: to be able to see through the deception, as well as to be present (not absent-minded).

Normally when we give definitions of words, or when they are used, we refer only to an exterior meaning. This word series aims to examine both the external as well as the internal meaning behind the words we use everyday.

Internally, clarity means to see the truth of who you are. This means to be able to see what needs changing inside (wounds that need to be healed etc.) as well as what actually exists inside. It also means to be clear, as in transparent, like water. An inner purity obtained through introspection and self-work. Like removing rubbish from a river so the water is clean, clear, again.

Only when this is combined with outer clarity, being able to see our surroundings, can we really own the definition of clarity itself.

If we take the second and fourth definitions of the word (being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound – quality of transparency or purity) these both represent what has been explained: clearness of vision in/perception of surroundings – inner purity. By purity I mean light, transparency, inner brilliance, inner knowing.

Therefore, in an all encompassing brilliance (inner and outer), the word clarity means to be able to be pure (transparent, knowing) inside whilst being able to see externally what is actually around us.