Before reading this article, it is important to clarify what the terms ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ mean in this context: light is knowledge, and darkness is ignorance (see this article).

Often the pursuit of light (of understanding, of truth) is slowed down because of how it conflicts with the darkness (ignorance, lack of understanding) of our everyday lives.

Spiritual growth does not, and should not, alienate you from daily life. If this does happen, then caution and revision of the practices that you are taking part in needs to be done. If this life served no purpose, it would not exist. Therefore it is not necessary to be isolated from it in order to progress.

Any spiritual development made needs to be balanced with an external, physical development. If we are part of both worlds, then both worlds need to progress simultaneously. Again, if one was more important than the other, we would be just in that one. For every internal change and every internal shift in understanding, an external one must also be done so that we maintain the balance and do not fall to one side.

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This is the meaning of Brilliance: balancing external, material growth with internal purification. Shining the internal light onto our surroundings. The name of the project, Brilliance Today, means to incorporate all of this into everyday life. Balance and integration, not instability and isolation, in everyday actions.

On another important note, this does not mean conforming to a system that dictates how we live, it means bringing our own light into that system, giving space to that individuality and claiming our place without waiting for approval. Living in light (understanding, knowledge) regardless of being surrounded by darkness (ignorance), regardless of not being given a place. In simpler language: being who we are, doing what we love, regardless of how different that is to what surrounds us. Making our visible life a statement for the invisible internal changes. Claiming a place for purity in an impure societal system.