This post is about finding a way to implement things that we have learnt. Along this diverse path, we all make discoveries. Some are deceptive and take us off course, whilst others actually are true. Once truth and lies have been separated, we must find a way to implement that knowledge in our lives. This can be related to any area (maybe you have discovered about processed food/proper nutrition, or about people/energy etc.). Anything that, after proper study and reflection, you have found to be true and that does not belong to normal daily habits.

  • Self-belief
    Especially when we are not surrounded by similar people, or others on a similar journey, it can be very easy to fall back into deceptive living. Self-belief (combined with discernment and critical thinking) is necessary before any implementation can take place.
    If you do not really believe what you know to be true, you will never be able to actually live it.
  • Do not put yourself under pressure to have everything figured out by tomorrow; you can never know all. Seek to implement what you do know, and more will follow. No one will ever have all of the answers, and no one will ever fully understand this life.
  • Implementation with correct intention: for example eating healthy just because we know its good is not enough. It has to have a meaning and an underlying intention to bring out that truth inside, otherwise it will not be as effective (the food will have the same effect, but just without the process of living intentionally from the inside out).

It may be difficult to change some habits, but it does not make sense to search for truth and then not live by it. Why should we demand answers, find them, and then continue what we know is not serving us?

Truth is an all encompassing thing: once you learn, you cannot go back. Not because of some strange law, but simply because it changes you so profoundly. Once you know, you cannot suppress that knowledge, continue on living the same way, without feeling the imbalance. Without feeling the pull from both sides. Like two people are pulling a rope; either it will eventually go to one side or it will break from the pressure.

Maybe some places, or people, or habits will just not feel right anymore. Perhaps for some time yes, it is possible to deceive ourselves, to continue the same way. Whether that is being involved with people you feel are not right for you, or frequenting places you know are just stealing your time. There will however come a stage when you have to make a decision.

Which side are you on? Do you love the illusion of the lie or the rawness of the truth?