The process of increasing in size,
the process of developing physically, mentally, or spiritually,
the process of increasing in amount, value, or importance
(“growth – definition of growth in English | Oxford Dictionaries”, 2017)

How can we measure our own growth if we do not have the possibility to observe our changes externally? We are unable to see ourselves changing and evolving, so how can we really know if we are growing?

As with everything, there is an internal and external part. The internal part in this case is our feelings. We feel the change. We feel different. The external part is how our life is, how different we ourselves look. As just mentioned, the external part can be difficult for us to notice as we do not have the possibility to view ourselves from the outside in, like other people do. We can however from the inside out, just as people around us cannot.

It is therefore useful to document these internal states. The documentation will enable us to go back and review our previous inner states and feelings. This review will give us a possibility to compare, not only with our current ones, but also with other previous states. This is the only way that we can measure, and remember, how much we have changed as well as what direction that change is in.

This could be taken a step further with an attempt to plan future internal states. An analysis of what external events/work needs to be done to achieve that state will have to be done, for this is possible.

Natural growth: Like plants, flowers and other elements of nature. This growth will occur regardless on an individual’s will or interference. It mainly regards physical and mental development.

Accidental growth: changes caused by random, but impactful, external events. The change could be positive or negative, and the growth depends on the individual’s reaction to them events.

Growth caused by conscious self-work: This type of growth is in a positive direction. When deliberate self-work is done, it will cause development in many areas of life. This type is documented as it occurs and it is the result of work done previously. You know you are working, but you do not know exactly what towards.

Planned growth: This type of growth takes a lot of conscious effort (energy) to plan. How do you want to develop? How do you want to feel? What do you want to accomplish internally and externally? This type is documented in advance, and work is done to reach it. Here you know what you are working towards.


There are the most common types of growth. To explore more in depth the definition, to grow means to develop in some way. As we have seen, this could simply be a natural growth, like all of nature grows and withers away. It could also be an intentional growth, and where does that end? How much can people develop and how many possibilities are there of what people can become? How different would our societies look if individuals were consciously working on this growth?

If this is the beginning, where is the end?
Can that also be planned on a large scale, just as it can on a small individual scale? Has it already been done? What exactly are we following others into?

The infinite possibilities of how different life can be is very inspiring. The varieties in the natural world seem so small compared to possible varieties in human life. So then why do we refuse to change our suffocating circumstances? What really is that obstacle to growth?

These obstacles can be numerous:

Ignorance: not being aware that all of this exists or is possible,
Fear: of the judgement of others, of self,
Deception: thinking that you are developing in a constructive direction but you are not,
Past negative events: until dealt with, any open wounds are an open point to be attacked from,
Time: our favourite and truest excuse. There is never enough time, but it is necessary to organise that little time in the most productive manner

Conscious effort must be put in to first of all recognise and then overcome all of the above obstacles. Change is inevitable, but it is necessary to continue fighting every day so that the change will be in the direction that we want, not what others want for us. That battle is in our minds, with our time, through our energy, for our souls.