When we have a ‘dream’ that we want to accomplish in life, or a certain goal we want to reach, the inevitable thinking is that we will get there. That it will somehow just all come together, that we will just become that person.

I have myself fallen into this deceptive thinking: if something is supposed to happen it will, if I am good at something it will shine though in the end, even if I don’t have a plan I will end up where I want to be. I have however realised that there are so many possible outcomes of any scenario, and have become motivated by the possibility that I may not get a chance to become that person, or to live that life. Maybe some things are supposed to happen, but it is also a possibility that maybe you are supposed to struggle for them to happen.

There is nothing wrong with having them dreams, or ideas about what we want. In a way we are being pulled towards what we are meant to do, but that does not mean that it will happen by itself. If you are at a crossroad, and you know you have to turn right, you still have to physically put in the effort to turn.

Knowing where to go is not enough, without actually going there. Knowing is the first step, a very necessary first step, but still just a step.

Awareness of the potential within and knowledge of which field/direction this potential is part of (different people have different skills/work in different areas)
combined with
Fear and terror of not having enough time, of that potential going to waste, of having to leave this life without having realised its full manifestation. We simply do not know how much time we have here, especially in this modern era which is far from stable. My worst nightmare is not trying and failing, it is realising I don’t have any more time and I didn’t try enough.

Put energy into the creative expression of personal potential, by identifying the habits needed to assist that expression and the activities that need to be avoided, even if we do not necessarily want to avoid them.

It all comes down to: What are you living for? What is your purpose? Do you believe in your purpose enough that you are willing to sacrifice, struggle for it, and dedicate your life to it? Is it worth that much to you, or does regular life suffice?