We make decisions based on what we know. Without a broad spectrum of knowledge, the decisions we make may not be the best ones. This can be applied to how we decide to live our lives; our lifestyles.

If we do not educate ourselves about nutrition for example, the decisions we make regarding the food we consume may not be the most beneficial. If we do not know about how our mental or spiritual energy works, we will end up putting ourselves in a lot of situations that can damage this.

Our lifestyle equals the amount of knowledge we possess, plus how we decide to apply that information. It is not enough to know the truth about certain topics, if we ignore the information and continue as before.

How does this connect with empowering ourselves and our lives?

You can only go as far as the knowledge you have. Expand what you know, and you expand how far you can go. It is important to research all relevant topics regarding the area you wish to progress in. Gathering information is not ‘wasting time’ or ‘leisure time’, it is a necessity. It does however need to be balanced with reorganisation of that information; connecting dots, and seeing a bigger picture. Only when this is done can we then re-examine our lives and make new decisions, being able to evaluate which direction to take.

A good metaphor would be that of a GPS system: you can only travel on the maps you have downloaded. If you have not downloaded that city map, you will not be able to navigate it. The same for us: if you have not expanded your mental map, you will not be able to travel around that area knowing the way. Perhaps you will arrive by accident, but without the map it is so easy to get lost and take a wrong turn. As there is no time for that, read, study, and know the field you are stepping into.


  • Identify area of interest
  • Research
  • Organise research and information collected (connect dots)
  • Evaluate direction to take (decisions/goals) and practices to implement (habits)