“If you don’t control your life, someone else will”

Although there always seemed to be a certain philosophical truth to the concept of “going with the flow”, and life also seemed to have unlimited unpredictable events, it is important to realise the importance of control and decision making.

Without over complicating the concept to general life decisions, let’s consider this on a small scale. For example with personal projects or goals. If we dive into taking acton, which is tempting to do as we want to see results as soon as possible, this will not be productive in the long term. This is because we will run out of ideas, or end up repeating the same things. It will also be difficult to know when targets have been reached.

Another important concept is that of controlling our minds. Anyone who is aware of the power of our thinking pattern on our lives will understand this. If we do not consciously direct our minds, they will either be guided by other people or will follow random instructions (from environment). Our minds will be programmed and will take us in the direction of that programming, regardless of who is doing the programming or if it is beneficial for us.

The controlling of our minds is a good metaphor for the overall controlling of our lives. If one part of us can be so easily manipulated, then can the rest not also?

How much more could we achieve if we decided what we want, and then made a plan to get there? It may be difficult to know what it is exactly you want from life, and maybe so many disappointments make you not want anything anymore. However, even if you might not want anything from life, maybe life wants something from you.